Bardiglio Gray Marble 2x4 Wide Bevel Big Bevel Mosaic Tile Polished

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- Premium Grade Bardiglio Gray Marble 2x4 Wide Bevel (Big Bevel) Mosaic Tile Polished

- Stone Sizes per Piece:
* Rectangle Pieces are 2" by 4"
* Thickness is 3/8"
- Product has a polished finish.
- Grout Width is 1/16"
- There are 6 rows and 3 columns on each sheet, with 18 stones per sheet.
- Mosaic is mounted on one square foot of sturdy mesh to facilitate installation.
- Carefully selected; consistent in size and finish.
- Large quantities are in stock and readily available in both full pallets and containers.
- Perfect for use in commercial and residential projects