Calacatta Gold Italian Marble 2x8 Herringbone Mosaic Tile Polished

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  • Calacatta Gold Italian Marble 2" x 8" Herringbone Mosaic Tile Polished
  • Calacatta Gold Italian Polished Marble 2" x 8" Herringbone Mosaic Tile
  • Calacatta Gold Italian Marble 2" x 8" Herringbone Polished Mosaic Tile
  • Calacatta Gold Italian Marble 2" x 8" Herringbone Mosaic Tile
  • Calacatta Gold Marble 2" x 8" Herringbone Mosaic Tile Polished Sample

Calacatta Gold Italian Marble 2" x 8" Herringbone Mosaic Tiles available in Polished and Honed finishes. Uses include Kitchen Backsplash, Bathroom Wall, Floor Tiles, and Shower Mosaics. Sample Sale Price $4.95. First Quality Marble in Stock Ready to Ship. Free shipping continental USA. The same Day In-Store Pickup is available. Visit our showrooms for complimentary design ideas. Herringbone mosaic is a tile perfect for both residential and commercial projects. Herringbone Patterned Mosaic Tiles are mainly preferred as floor tiles for their clean and aesthetic qualities. A large selection of coordinating products are available, including Calacatta Gold basketweave mosaics, Calacatta Gold chevron mosaics, Calacatta Gold hexagon mosaics, 3x6 marble subway tiles, 12x12 Calacatta Gold marble tiles, 4x4 Calacatta Gold marble tiles, Calacatta Gold Borders, Calacatta Gold moldings and Calacatta Gold Baseboards.  

Sold by: Sheet

The thickness of the Tile: 3/8 " ( 10mm )

Coverage Area of the Sheet: 0.91 Sq. Ft.

Material: Marble

Color:  Calacatta Gold

Surface Finish: Polished (Glossy)

Pattern: Herringbone

Shipping: Free Shipping Item  Material Origin: Italy 

Usage Areas: Backsplash, Floor Tile, Wall Tile, Bathroom Floor, Bathroom Wall, Shower Wall, Shower Floor, Outdoor Wall, Commercial Floor 

Color Variation: Moderate 

Sample Order Credit:

  You will receive a sample credit code within 7 days of purchase. This code can be used for up to $45 off your next website purchase of $450 or more. 

Sample orders:

For mosaic or trim, sample orders will be a smaller portion of the full mosaic sheet or the trim piece. For tile sample orders we ship 6x12 or smaller-sized sample tiles that represent the current lots.

Samples are for color and texture reference only. Not for use. Limit 1 sample per item per household.

Our online competitors sell 5/16” thickness mosaics and tiles in their online stores. The thickness of our European tiles and mosaics is 3/8”. The recommended thickness of a marble floor tile from the Marble Institute of America is 3/8" (10 mm). Our tiles and mosaics are 25% thicker and stronger than our online competitors. Most of our mosaic sheets cover a larger area than our competitors. Competitors may have thinner tiles or fewer individual pieces. When you are doing a price comparison, please compare accordingly before you make your final purchase.